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Featured on the set of Conversations with friends. BBC 3, Hulu, RTÉ

High Water 7

Acrylic on board

25cm x 30cm




I began painting the High Water series after a beach walk some time last year during a spring tide. The swell was high. The waves were pushing the water close to the edge, forcing me to climb the dunes. This made me feel very uncomfortable and the realisation of the power of the water hit me, how vulnerable we are in a time of rising sea levels and a warming climate. With an increase of storms, which with them bring destruction.

You wouldn’t think it, but these three large painting from the High Water series actually started out as landscapes, they depicted colossal mountains beneath a calm sky, yet when I thought I had

finished the paintings, they didn’t sit right with me.

I made the decision to start again, and the landscape was replaced by a wild sea, during or after a storm. I never start a painting with a clear image in mind, I apply paint and allow each piece to evolve naturally.

You will find this painting and a selection of others from the High Water series in my 20% painting sale.

High Water 6

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