Acrylic on wood panel

25cm x 20cm
Cradled pine frame on reverse so no need for framing

Ceredig and Llew
Two Welsh brothers raised by the sea and fishermen by trade, just like their father and their father's father and back it goes through history, so far back, they don't know when it began. They have spent most of their lives on boats and have been in each others company so long, they no longer notice each other.

Ceredig always wears a blue knitted hat, yellow scarf and has a permanently pink nose from the cold. He is so used to looking down when he works on the boat, he often forgets to look up.

Llew is the older one of the two brothers. He has a thin curly moustache that he is very proud of. He always wears a yellow poloneck jumper and a wooly hood. Llew lost his pipe at sea and looks forward to returning home to buy a new one.

Llew who lost his pipe at sea