Acrylic on gesso panel

18cm x 13cm cm


I am offering this painting as part of the Artist Support Pledge.

Purchase this piece directly from my webshop, link below or DM me.

Thanks so much for your support.

ARTIST SUPPORT PLEDGE is a generous culture and dynamic economy in support of artists and makers.

The concept is a simple one, post images of your work to sell for NO MORE (can be less) than $200 (£200, €200, A$300, C$300, ¥20000) each (not including shipping.) Anyone can then buy the work. Every time you reach $1000 (A$1500, C$1500, ¥100,000) of sales you pledge to buy another artist/s work for $200. (A$300, C$300, ¥20000)

Artist Support Pledge is a Not for Profit Company (12613409) ©️and ™️ 2020 Matthew Burrows, all rights reserved.

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